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Be prepared to be perplexed, disturbed, flabberghasted, and befuddled. Travel back in time to the dimension of weird--Maxwell Blade’s Museum of Curiosities hosts a collection of over 350 specimen and relics spanning from the Mesozoic era to present time.



Here, there is something to titillate and vex even the worldliest of those who wander into these strange rooms. Since its opening in 2015, the museum has become one of the most eclectic and provocative curiosity museums in North America.



Delve into the darker side of world history; Edgar Allen Poe’s ink well, chastity belts, an electric chair, medieval torture devices, dinosaur fossils, and many more fateful historical artifacts are on display. We have even managed to fit a 200-year-old French ship with a mast made from a secret human ingredient into the halls!



Acquaint yourself with the bizarre and disturbing. A silver Inca skull, the head of a two-snouted calf, Voodoo dolls that were once used for the ruin of unfortunate persons, mummified mermaids, taxidermy of albino animals, and more for your puzzlement and vexation.



Some of these relics are on borrow - just like your time? - come quick and visit often to catch borrowed rarities before they disappear back into their private dwellings. The museum’s curator, Maxwell Blade, trades with other museums regularly to keep the atmosphere fresh with intrigue.



Hidden in a back room, so as to protect the innocence of our more delicate patrons, is a curious collection of once active, and even famous, ventriloquist dummies, marionettes, and talismans, some of which are believed to be haunted by malevolent spirits. Stare into their beseeching eyes at your own peril!