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The Maxwell Blade Show
Rated #1 show in Hot Springs!

The Maxwell Blade Show

1 hours and 45 minutes

Come one, come all, to the breathtaking, spellbinding, and zany 24th season of the Maxwell Blade Show! Located in the newly renovated historic Malco theatre in Hot Springs, no less than twelve cast members present to you two mesmerizing hours of large scale illusions, close up magic, comedy, and live music--played on piano by the grand illusionist himself. You think you've seen every trick in the book? Look again!

The Maxwell Blade Show is unlike anything in the world today. It’s an emotional ride--Maxwell Blade and his fantastic crew don't pause to catch breath or savor applause but keep the show rolling to keep you astonished, inspired, mind-boggled, and tickled.

The Close-Up Show
Ft. Jonathan Erlandson

The Up Close Show

50 minutes

Experience the mind-blowing illusions, sleight of hand, and mentalism of Jonathan Erlandson close-up in the all new Malco Lounge and Parlor. The Close-Up Show is an engaging interactive show featuring cutting edge magic that you get to be a part of. Each show is a unique journey through the art of magic.

Jonathan will pluck thoughts out of your mind, make objects vanish and reappear in impossible places, perform shocking (and sometimes freaky) feats of skill, and turn an ordinary audience member into a mind reader. Don’t miss your chance to take part in the The Close-Up Show.